As well as his compositional voice and skills in orchestration, Jack is able to offer a MIDI Programming Service: creating realistic sounding MIDI-sequenced projects, often referred to as Mock-Ups, using high quality sample libraries and original sounds. Mock-Ups are used in Film and Television to show the Director what the final score will sound like synced to the picture. These are often replaced in post-production by a real-life professional recording. 

Mock-Ups are also useful to demonstrate new compositional pieces of work, acting as a more economic friendly alternative to a professional recording if your budget isn't big enough to cover recording costs. 

In order to engage with potential clients, Jack has a YouTube channel where he often uploads useful and insightful content including; Film Music Mock-Ups, Music Theory, Film Theory, Sample Library reviews and much more.

Check it out here.  


Orchestration is a vital aspect in both modern Music Production and Media Composition. With his exceptional knowledge and understanding of music, Jack is able to provide any assistance you require to complete your project to the highest standard; whether it's collaborating with a Composer on a project, providing additional music, transforming a piano sketch into a full symphony orchestra or creating a professionally engraved score from your Digital Audio Workstation. 

He is also able to create professional Score and Player Parts should you require a live recording of your music. Careless mistakes and illegible music can result in loss of valuable and expensive recording time. Jack's professionalism and meticulous attention to detail means that important information is delivered clearly and concisely to both the conductor and individual players, so that your recording sessions can run as smoothly as possible. 


Time = Money. 


Jack is the former Conductor and Arranger for the Edinburgh College Student Orchestra, transcribing and engraving the repertoire played in concerts throughout the academic year. Because of the unconventional nature of its structure, each Arrangement was specifically tailored to the Orchestra’s needs, with Film and Cinematic Music proving to produce the best results.

He has also transcribed, adapted, orchestrated and engraved serval works for Glasgow DJ and Music Producer Al Kent, The Million Dollar Orchestra, The Glasgow Studio Orchestra and The Jess Abrams Quartet


Jack has transcribed a wide variety of different cinematic musical works, writing for over 30 individual parts at any one time, including music from many inspirational Film Composers such as; John Williams, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams, Murray Gold, Michael Giacchino and Thomas Bergensen.